Pass Plus Lessons

Get some extra driving experience

Pass Plus Driving Lessons St Neots

You’ve passed?!.. Well done!
But now you need a little experience with those roads you couldn’t go on before, like motorways. I can help you handle your nerves and build your confidence with a day Pass Plus lesson. You might also gain more experience driving in bad weather conditions and dealing with difficult situations.

It’s like a road trip.. and you’re the driver

Pass Plus isn’t a test, it’s just a days driving experience.

On my Pass Plus lesson you will drive down the A1 to London so you can have some experience driving on a variety of roads. As we are out all day I’ll pay for our lunch!.. and you’ll keep your energy up for the drive home.

Cheaper car insurance

Taking the Pass Plus lesson may also help reduce the insurance cost on your first car.. which can only be a good thing and could make the Pass Plus lesson a great investment.

Many car insurance providers will offer discounts to drivers who have shown they can drive on all types of roads by completing the Pass Plus lesson.

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